Flaming sculptures

We can brighten our fire show or any of your events by adding special flaming sculptures of your choice:

Numbers or letters – 2 meters high flaming numbers, initials or even a full name sculptures. All guests are invited to take a photo with these sculptures.

  • A sculpture of two flaming hearts – an elegant flaming sculpture, created especially for weddings.
  • Your logo – we can make any other sculpture: company logo, sculptures of animals, signs or any other symbols.
  • Alley of the fire stands – we offer 2 to 14 fire stands for a warm greeting for your guests, to light their path to the entrance of the event.
  • Hay sculptures – we make large, 4 – 8 meter high, flaming wooden and hay sculptures.

All sculptures made by Viduramžiai LT are bigger and more amazing than any other copies from other companies – our smallest sculptures starts from 2 meters high.

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