Horsemen shows

We offer different horsemen shows for your attention:


In this historically recreated “skill at arms” type of tournament, spectators see not only the authentic XIV-XV c. outfit of the horsemen and their horses but also the tasks, which are taken straight out of ancient manuscripts, dating back to centuries ago. During this tournament, barriers of various tasks are built. Horsemen have to manage these tasks with different weapons as fast and as accurate as they can. Herold, who is the host, introduce each horseman honorably. Squires will help in the arena, as well as entertain spectators with some small pranks.


Tournament of 2 - 4 mounted knights is organized. In this tournament, knights confront each other with lances, while wearing specific armor, protecting them from lance hits. Knights demonstrate their speed and technique while handling swift horses and heavy long weapons. The winner of the duel is the knight who smashes his lance into the opponent’s shield. The herald comments on the duels, as well as explaining rules and introducing the fighters.


Hussar, dragoon and petihor - three representatives of different types of XVII c. cavalry put their skills to the test in this mastery-skills tournament. While galloping, cavalrymen demonstrate their skills with various weapons: sables, small lances etc. They will take part in different tasks, such as removing rings from the stand or killing the boar. The tournament will be hosted by the herald, who will explain the outfits of each cavalryman and comment the matches.  The squires will help to prepare the tasks, which gets more and more difficult one after another.

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