Special offers

We present special performances by your request. You may need a large number of artists in your event, or you need to incorporate our fire dancers in your play or any other project, or maybe you need just one or two performers with free improvisation.Or maybe you want the costumes of the dancers to fit with your evening’s theme? We can do anything you want.

We can also add various flaming sculptures, symbols or numbers to the show or separately to your evening:

  • We have a special flaming hearts sculpture for weddings, 
  • we can bring flaming numbers for your birthday,
  • We can also make any other flaming sculpture: your company logo, any specific symbols, animals or any mystical creature sculptures.

We can also incorporate stage pyrotechnics to our shows - fountains, flashes, colorful flames etc. We offer to choose from different size pyrotechnics packages, or we can add some moving pyrotechnics constructions.

We can also launch fireworks in the end of the show.

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