Gala Dinners

ROYAL FEAST. Would you like to leave an unforgettable impression for your guests about visit in Lithuania? We invite you, together with your guests for a royal dinner in the castle. During the dinner, you can enjoy special meals according to ancient recipes, such as meat and nut pie, salmon cooked in beer and many other traditional meals. Modest servants take care of your comfort and merry musicians create a joyful atmosphere. Graceful dancers reveal the secrets of the medieval palace and heroic knights will confront fiercely for the honor of their ladies. Moreover, a stunning fire show full of flaming dances, luxury costumes and special effects will bring the evening to a stunning conclusion.

We will introduce your guests with medieval culture, customs and traditions during the dinner, and of course - you will spend memorable evening all together.

NOBLEMEN'S DINNER.  We invite you to celebrate this occasion in the Noblemen’s feast, where you will have a unique opportunity to participate in the colorful and luxurious life of XVII c. Lithuanian Noblemen. You will be introduced with authentic nobility ball traditions and you will be able to treat yourself with the best, historically recreated meals and beverages. You will be entertained by professional musicians during the evening, and dancers with luxury costumes will perform theatrical baroque dances, while telling romantic legends from the mansions. You will also see XVII c. warfare program, which will bring you to the battlefield - where the hussar gallops on his agile horse and the dragoon fires his musket.


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