Unique party decorations – celebrating a company holiday, wedding, anniversary, or any other important personal occasion? Surprise your guests with a spectacular event decoration - an ice sculpture designed to your preferences. The sculpture will become a unique and memorable decoration for the event.

Company logo and frozen products –perhaps you're organizing a company party or product presentation? We can make an ice sculpture that looks like your company logo or product symbol. We also offer an unusual way to display products - frozen in ice.

Ice bars – If you want to give your guests a unique icy experience, invite them behind the ice bar. We'll make ice bars for your event.

The gift of ice – Maybe you're looking for a special gift for loved ones? Give them an ice sculpture that looks like their favorite symbol. Or make a surprise by freezing your gift or flower bouquet in ice!

Ice glasses – We offer an exclusive service - ice glasses that you can smash with pleasure for the love of the bride and groom, the happiness of the birthday boy, or the success of the company!

Ice photo wall – Want your guests to have a special place for their photoshoot? We offer to make you an ice photo wall that will look spectacular in your photos. Guests will be able to carve their signature in the ice.

Ice sculptures are delivered to the venue and can be cleaned up after the event if required.

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