Team building

If you are looking for an exclusive event for your employees, team building by Viduramžiai LT is just what you are looking for:

  • Historical themed event – medieval costumes and decorations will help You to travel back in time to the middle ages and forget about the XXI century technologies at least for a day.
  • Original tasks – in this event you will learn how to use a sword, shoot from the bow or solve ancient puzzles – all other basic activities we leave behind for others.
  • Exclusive props – forget about the inflatable buffoonery. Our inventory is real, authentically recreated weapons, armors and clothes.
  • Forming patriotism – all participants will learn about the history of Lithuania in an interactive and fun way; they will also strengthen values of teamwork and patriotism.
  • Friendly for families – if necessary we can make a separate camp for children, full of ancient activities- wooden horses, colorful swords and of course, with responsible supervision.

We can include our teambuilding part in your event, or we can organize everything from scratch – to find a venue, plan the evening program, catering and take care of all the other necessities.

What value will you get?

  • According to psychological research, changing a common environment (e.g. time travel) helps to relax more employees and decrease the tension in the group. It also helps “reload” the relationship between team members and reform a new, united team.
  • You will have the possibility to re-evaluate skills and character traits of your employees and colleagues, as well as teamwork, and group managing skills.
  • Last but not least, a good mood is an obligatory attribute in our events. We guarantee smiles and unforgettable impressions for everyone!

Every teambuilding event is organized according to your individual needs – the number of participants, average age, and venue of the event. Contact us now and we will be glad to advise you and make an offer of specific tasks and activities, which suits your event best.

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